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100% Donation Match!

Let's invest in our Minnetonka Mission - together! I'd be grateful for your contribution, but I won't ask you to contribute to something I don't support myself. That's why I'm matching all campaign donations and will work hard to ensure your investment is 'smart,' effective and efficient.

  • Individuals may contribute up to $600 per candidate in 2023. Please note that I don't accept funding from special interest groups. 

  • Contributions over $50 must be itemized and reported to the City of Minnetonka with occupation and employer noted. Please include this information in the memo line of your check or on the online form.

Donate Online

Donate via Mail

Please send checks to:

The Campaign to Elect Paula Ramaley

17306 County Road 101 West

Minnetonka, MN 55391

Please include your occupation and employer on the memo line, as this information is legally required.

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